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May 26, 2010


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When I upgraded to Windows 7 I went to 32-bit so I would not have this problem. If you ever get a chance to test Live 8.x with a 32-bit VST like with this bridging software, let me know how it works.

Great post!!!


Thanks... yeah I would have installed Sonar as 32-bit had I thought about it, but I didn't realize the dilemma until it was too late. Good thing JBridge works or I would be spending another day re-installing software as 32 bit! If I decide to run Live on the 64 bit machine I'll let you know how that goes with JBridge :)


I can vouch for JBridge in Nuendo and Cubase. It's been great - both as a 64-bit bridge in 32-bit hosts -- as well as a 32-bit bridge for legacy plugins to run in 64-bit hosts. Separate threading for each instance and lower memory footprint than Steinberg's built-in VSTBridge. That's a win either way.


Well thats good to know that it works in Nuendo and Cubase. Thanks for the comment :) We've now got almost all the major DAWS covered... now if we can just find someone who's tried it in Ableton Live. :)


if you should find out how Waves plugs operate via jbridge, i'd be very curious.

p.s. your picture of the tower bridge reminded me. i watched the 'crack fox' episode of The Mighty Boosh this morning. it's wonderfully fukt. two words: "squooshy boots".

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