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December 25, 2009


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Account Deleted

Fabulous choice! I'm tempted to form a DEVO tribute band from time to time - just for the fun of it ;^).

By the way, when I used to gig with bands I played a Korg Trition with sampling + SCSI zip. I sold my Korg Triton years back and replaced with a KORG TR to get USB MIDI and SD card slot. I don't use it much since I switched full-on to Laptop + Ableton + VSTs, but can't bring myself to sell it. I noticed that on their latest tour, Gerry Casale is now playing a KORG TR :^).

Merry Something To You!



Thanks :) I love Devo...! Forming a DEVO tribute band is an excellent idea... we should maybe do a DEVO tribute compilation. Ask folks to provide electronic covers of their favorite tunes. :P
I just got done watching their documentary "Live in the Land of the Rising Sun" and had alot of fun recognizing the gear. Its fun seeing hardware being used for live shows, now that almost everyone has now gone to using soft synths.
Funny how you can get attached to your old gear like your Korg TR. I have a Kurzweil K2000 and an old Ensoniq ESQ-1 I can't bear to part with either!
BTW What bands did you used to gig with? Anyone in Colorado?

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