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February 19, 2010


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Man, I like the direction of these posts. I'd write ten times as many songs as I do if I wasn't always for the want of decent lyrics.

I really liked the idea of using flickr to generate inspiration.

I like the idea of the tools above. I wish there was also a meter one or one for basing rhymes of syllables. Like in your post, I usually end up recording a couple takes of nonsense lyrics to get a feel for the song's rhyming scheme, meter, melody, and to tease out some subconscious meanings. It'd be extremely handy to have a tool that allowed me to plug in a nonsense verse, identify important rhyming elements and meter and go from there.


Yeah I agree with the idea for a meter tool. I often find myself counting out the syllables for my perfect verse or chorus and then try to lay in all sorts of word to find new variations, but to have a tool just throw some some rhymes out you weren't expecting helps tons... another trick I use, which you probably already do is to write down the alphabet and then try to come up with a rhyming word for your target word with every letter... I sometimes come up withs some surprising ideas...

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Very cool set of tools to both boost creativity as well as stretch writing chops. Nice find!

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