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February 15, 2010


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That battery looks like a bit of work to replace. I would try to unscrew the circuit board so you can work on it from the other side. A solder sucker will be very useful, especially to clean the old solder out of the holes once you have the old battery out. The ribbon cable connectors can be pried apart carefully with a flat screwdriver if they are too tight to disconnect by hand. Avoid pulling by the wires, grab the body of the connector instead. You can use a sharpie to make match marks on any connector that might be ambiguous to plug back together. And since you'll have the connectors apart, its a good time to give them a light spray of contact cleaner. Good luck! I wonder if anybody has tried to circuit bend the ESQ-1.


Thanks for the tips Eric! Much appreciated. Yeah I'm afraid you might be right about pulling the circuit board out...
That's going to be a chore as well as it's buried halfway under the keys. But I'm sure there's got to be a way to get it out. That will be my project this weekend!

- thanks man!


I'm in the same boat. The battery is easy to spot but mine will also require taking out the mainboard that's hurried under the keys. There is a service manual for esq1 if you do a Google search. It describes what screws need taken out in what order. Good info all around. This still will require careful disassembling and organization of parts so everything works when you're done. Hopefully we both have luck with this!


My mainboard is halfway under the keys... so yeah it sounds like we're in the same boat. Who wants to bail the water out while the other one is unscrewing the chassis? heh...
but I digress, I'll let you know if I come accross any more wisdom on this subject matter I can share.


This is that very information I searched for. Thank you very much!

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