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February 15, 2010


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Cool :) I'm glad it was helpful!

Russell Holland

Did you have luck with this? I just bought the same version of the ESQ-1 with the battery positioned in this difficult spot. It definitely looks to me like desoldering/soldering from the top side of this board is out of the question. Though I don't have any soldering experience, I really can't justify paying someone $90 an hour to do what seems like a pretty simple job, so I'm going to try to learn.

I have a couple of questions:

1) I read that you should "ground yourself to the chassis to prevent static discharge which can damage the integrated circuits." It may sound silly, but does this mean I just need to touch the chassis once before I start touching circuit boards? touch it continuously? what?

2) Do I need to buy an $80-100 soldering iron? If I do, I will, but I'd rather not, since I won't be using it very often. (And if I botched the job, I'd really REALLY be upset!)

3) I also ordered the wrong battery (with 2 pins instead of 3, and yeah, I paid 15 bucks with shipping) based on what I read on the Ensoniq ESQ-1 Hacker Page (http://www.pic101.com/ensoniq/battery.htm) before I looked closely at the battery in my synth. What kind of electronics store would carry these things? I'm calling around and having no luck. And I'm in New York City--somebody must carry them, right?!

I'm sure I'll have more questions as I get into it. I'm pretty nervous, so I'm definitely going to practice on some old junk first.

Thanks for any help.


Hey sorry for the late reply. I got squimish and didn't attempt changing out the battery on my own, so I took it to Switched On in Austin to have them change the battery. They changed it but now they are telling me there is something else wrong with it... bleh. So yeah I probably don't have too much information for you. However you can get the batteries for the ESQ-1 for cheap from just about any electronics store on the web. I think even Radio Shack Online carries them. Also you don't need to spend $80 to $100 on a soldering iron, you can get a decent one for $40 to $60 bucks. I recommend the Weller brand.

Russell Holland

Hey, thanks!
Actually I got squeamish, too, and took it in. Hopefully nothing goes wrong and no other problems arise. Seems like these things can be really temperamental.
Good luck with yours.

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