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April 21, 2010


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I bought one of these a few months back to replace my Korg nanoKeys. My nanoKeys fell and the USB snapped off :^O. I agree the keys are a bit spongy, but I feel it's a lot more playable than the Korg. Using it quite a bit actually.

Launchad is fantastic by the way! There are some free tools that let you run it as a full on Monome as well.



Yeah I have heard nothing but sad stories about the Korg NanoKey which is too bad. I'm glad to hear the LPK25 is treating you well I hope to be able to keep mine around for awhile. I have found myself using mine alot too... its great when tweaking patches or playing bass or lead lines... I'm diggin' it. I saw the tool that lets you turn the launchpad in a Monome. That looks pretty intriguing. Have you tried it out? Can't wait to get mine, maybe in a month or so :)


I like my LPK25 (I also have the LPD-8) - I only wished that it had a pitchbend feature similar to the nanoKey.


Hello AI_Joe :) Yeah I found myself reaching for an imaginary mod wheel and pitch wheel yesterday. How do you like the LPD-8?


The LPD-8 doesn't replace a nanoKontrol or nanoPad, but is handy when I don't need a X-Y pad, or a bunch of faders and want to carry only two small controllers instead of three. Also, the build quality of Akai seems more sturdier than Korg.

I predict that Novation will enter this niche soon with one controller with a 25 key bed, small pads, knobs, and a touch ribbon.

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